Commitment to the Bible, Commitment to Excellence

Olivet University is an institution of biblical higher education dedicated to training ministry-bound men and women as biblical scholars and leaders, and to equipping them with the practical skills to preach the Gospel effectively into and after the ‘network generation’ – thus priming them to revolutionize the world through Christian mission.

Olivet University is dedicated to advancing the University’s position as one of the finest global institution of biblical higher education in the world. It is a stimulating intellectual community, where you can grow and excel in your career. Also Olivet University offers outstanding professional development and career-related programs.

The commitment of this community to improve the Olivet University is extraordinary and can be clearly seen in its developments. In 2004, Olivet University was incorporated and established separate institutions, each offering different degree programs.

In addition to OTCS, there is the Jubilee College of Music, Olivet College of Journalism, Olivet College of Art & Design, Olivet Institute of Technology, Olivet College of Language Education, Olivet College of Business, Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies, Olivet Institute for Global Strategic Studies, Olive Branch Institute of Islamic Understanding, and Institute of Faith and Family. Olivet University’s present-day property of over 924 acres in Riverside Southern California offers a multidisciplinary residential campus with emphasis on academic studies and spiritual formation.

Olivet Theological College and Seminary is a culturally diverse and spiritually enriching community. It is the preferred provider of higher education of The Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches in America since its founding and hopes to maintain this relationship into the future.

Among OTCS graduates about 80% are active in direct missions in some of the more challenging regions of the world today and others are involved in auxiliary ministries that support missions.

The University was founded on an extraordinary commitment to the Bible and preaching the Gospel across the world. Working, studying, or teaching at Olivet Theological College and Seminary builds on and connects to this tradition of putting Jesus and his Word first coupled with the strong desire to make him known throughout the earth.

Joining OTCS as faculty, staff, or student employee means actively pursuing the Great Commission that Jesus has given the Church by training leaders of the mission fields of tomorrow. In this regard our commitment to excellence in OTCS is only for one purpose: Soli Deo Gloria.