Olivet Theological College & Seminary

Programs At A Glance

The purpose of Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS) is to provide ministry-bound men and women an understanding and ability to apply theological knowledge and skills necessary for professional ministry service, especially in the area of missions.

Olivet Theological College & Seminary offers undergraduate and graduate educational experiences. Both the College and the Seminary are committed to scholastic achievement; to excellence in Biblical studies; to the habits of Christian reflection and service; and to the active synthesis of theory and practice, both in church and non-traditional ministry areas.

The curricula of these schools are designed to train students for service as scholars and leaders in all areas of Christian life. OTCS emphasizes the importance of cultivating future generations for Christian service, and providing them with traditional and specialized ministerial skills in a variety of different fields.

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology undergraduate degree program offers four years of college-level training in critical and applied Biblical and theological studies. Students enrolled in this program will study Scripture in depth, including doctrinal and historical perspectives, and prepare to live out the Biblical calling of theological study with a theoretical and practical background in missions. The Bachelor of Arts in Theology program also features core curriculums in general studies and professional studies, with opportunities to apply classroom learning in practical ministry environments.

Master of Divinity

The OTCS Master of Divinity program is designed to prepare future ministers for work as pastors, missionaries, and ministers in the world of 21st century Christian mission. This program provides students with core Biblical and theological instruction, leadership training, as well as the skills necessary to perform ministerial duties in the local church.

Master of Theology

The Master of Theology (Th.M.) is an extension program of Master of Divinity (M.Div.) program, designed to equip the students with scholarly competency and professional teaching skills in the area of biblical and theological studies. This 36-unit degree requires one calendar year of full-time study, or may be completed over a longer period, up to a maximum of four years without special permission from the director.