Master of Divinity

The OTCS Master of Divinity program is designed to prepare future ministers for work as pastors, missionaries, and ministers in the world of 21st century Christian mission. This program provides students with core Biblical and theological instruction, leadership training, as well as the skills necessary to perform ministerial duties in the local church.

Master of Divinity Program Objectives

Students enrolled in the Master of Divinity degree program can expect to:

  1. Grow in likeness to Christ
  2. Develop advanced knowledge of the Bible and theology within a historical context
  3. Interpret contemporary moral and social issues by applying Biblical and theological principles.
  4. Develop professional competencies, particularly in missions and church ministry

Admission Prerequisites

  1. Hold a Bachelor's degree from a CHEA or USDE-accredited U.S. institution. Note: students with a baccalaureate degree from a state-approved or non-accredited institution are encouraged to apply and ask for a transcript evaluation to determine whether conditional admission is possible.
  2. Have at least a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate grade point average. Applicants with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0 may be admitted on probation under the following provisions:
    The applicant must complete twelve hours of graduate courses with a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. Successful completion of these requirements will lift the student's probationary status and allow him or her to continue in the degree program.
    An undergraduate background supported by undergraduate achievement, which would indicate the ability to engage successfully in graduate theological studies.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in Bible knowledge. A student seeking to enter the Master of Divinity degree program must take a written comprehensive examination in the area of Bible Knowledge. The Bible Knowledge examination tests a student's ability to work with Biblical data. In a multiple-choice format, it determines the student's knowledge of some detailed and specific information about Biblical texts, geography, backgrounds, and people.

A passing score on this exam demonstrates a level of competency that does not require remedial course work in Bible and theology. Scores that rank below the acceptable competency level will determine that a student must enroll in 6 hours of remedial, non-credit Biblical studies courses, which Olivet offers at the undergraduate level as required core curriculum courses for all students enrolled in its Bachelor of Arts degree programs.

Time Limits

The Master of Divinity degree is normally fulfilled by three to five years of study. Except under extenuating circumstances, all requirements for the degree must be completed within six years of the date of enrollment. Students who have not completed the requirements within the six-year period must apply to the Registrar's Office for an enrollment extension every term, up to a maximum of seven years from the date of enrollment.

Graduation Requirement

  1. Pass a total of 136 hours: 32 units of Biblical studies and Biblical languages; 32 units of theological/historical studies; 24 units of ministry studies; 12 units of ministry practice; and 36 units of electives.
  2. Maintain a 3.00 (B grade point average) in all Olivet University work.
  3. Complete all degree requirements within the 6-year time limit unless extenuating circumstances exist.
  4. Students are subject to the Master of Divinity degree requirements of the Catalog of the year in which they entered.
  5. Satisfy all financial responsibilities to the university. 

Academic Catalogs and Handbooks

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