Living at Riverside Campus

On Campus Living

The dormitories at Riverside are divided by gender among students. A limited number of family rooms are available as well.

Off Campus Living

A limited number rooms are available in the town of Anza near campus. A greater variety of accommodations can be found in the cities of Temecula, Hemet, and Palm Desert. In this case, however, you need to drive to the campus. The Riverside Campus student affairs team can advise you concerning your search process.

On Campus Dining

iverside cafeteria features a diverse menu with dishes from Western to Asian foods. The chefs provide a unique experience to meet various taste for students in the campus. When it does not have to be a full meal stop by for a cup of coffee in the morning or a quick snack between class.

Guest Housing

Riverside campus has a number of studio apartments available for guests. Please contact campus staff and book the room in advance.

Faculty and Staff Housing

The creation of dedicated faculty and staff housing at OTCS Riverside Campus is already entering the planning stage. Please understand that until the completion of new capacities Riverside Campus does not offer on campus faculty housing. Near by Temecula, Palm Desert, or Hemet offer a variety of options for new faculty and staff to settle down.


Riverside campus is surrounded by several mountains, which are all proper for hiking. One swimming pool is also located at the center of the residential district. Gym is available for basketball and volleyball. For further information about cultural and recreational activities near campus go to “Visitor Information” in the “About Us” section.