Living at San Francisco Campus

On Campus Living

San Francisco campus does not offer on campus living. However, readily available housing nearby the campus can be easily found by interested students. Prices can vary considerably, though, depending on the individual requirements of each student. Our campus staff is happy to help students searching for suitable housing.

Near campus dining:

Whether it is Subway just across the street offering for a quick sandwich, salad, or wrap something else, any choice of food is always only a few minutes down the road.

For the fancier tastes restaurants in the downtown area provide exclusive taste experiences.

Typically students enjoy Asian fusion at Charya Brasserie, Burritos at Chipotle as well as one of the many choices like mini burger, Thai noodle or Korean BBQ of the Metreon food court across the street from the Moscone Center.

Since San Francisco is located in the Bay Area near Silicon Valley it is always worth a try searching online or in various apps for electronic coupons. The offers can be sometimes surprising, but often worth a try.

Guest Housing

Olivet University maintains long standing arrangements with different SOMA hotels to house guests in close proximity at reasonable cost. When planning your trip, please contact one of our administrators for additional help.