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Leadership & Seminary Administration

Dean’s Welcome

Welcome back to the New Year 2019 and the new quarter of winter 2019! You are not only returning to new classes and challenges, but to a new school. Our website is in the process of continuous developments and you will be able to witness some of these in the coming months and weeks as you are reading and studying through your class materials.

This quarter Riverside Campus will be continuing to prepare for the large number of students expected to arrive for the coming academic year. The library is growing and improving many of its core functions, the dorms are being equipped more, and many new student services are being planned and started to be implemented on campus. Of course you can be looking forward to our monthly Bible weekends organized by campus chapel and student services among other programs.

San Francisco Campus on the other hand is focusing this quarter on facilitating your studies through new cooperative initiatives. Please ask your advising team for more detailed information about how to profit from these offerings.

God has graciously blessed our school with a new residential campus in Southern California, Riverside County, a beautiful natural setting. I want to thank everyone, who contributed in prayer to make this next home to OTCS and Olivet University possible. May this give us the space and firm base to contribute even more to the Great Commission our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to fulfill.

Academic and Administrative Leadership

Dr. Tracy Davis
University President

Dr. Nathanael Tran
Vice President for Campus Planning

Dr. Matthias Gebhardt
Vice President for Academic Affairs Interim Chief Enrollment Officer

Dr. Barnabas Jung
Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Walker Tzeng
Chief Operating Officer Chaplain

Dr. Julia Tzeng
Dean of Students

Dr. Matthias Gebhardt
Dean of Olivet Theological College & Seminary

Dr. Merrill Smoak
Dean of Jubilee College of Music

Dr. David James Randolph
Dean of Olivet School of Media & Communication

Dr. Joan Carter
Dean of Olivet School of Art & Design

Dr. Donald Yoon
Interim Dean of Olivet Institute of Technology R&D Director

Mr. Jacob Chatterjee, LL.M
Dean, Olivet School of Business

Dr. Donald Tinder
Dean of Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies

Dr. William Wagner
Director of Olivet Institute for Global Strategic Studies

Dr. Joseph Ray Tallman
Director of Olive Branch Institute of Islamic Understanding

Dr. Tom Cowley
Director of Doctor of Ministry Program Director of Institute of Faith & Family