"Olivet Theological College & Seminary is a unique place of theological education, where the students can study a refreshing mix of traditional Bible and theology courses, 21st-century methodology, together with practical field education."

Our goal is to train and equip the students into Biblical scholars and global leaders, prepared to preach the Gospel effectively into and after the 'network generation'. This requires a thorough understanding of the Bible and theological studies as well as fresh ideas from the most contemporary research and applications. While maintaining academic rigorous in traditional courses, our students are exposed to pioneering new and innovative integration of mission with various other fields.

In addition to classroom studies, we believe that lifelong learning takes place in and outside the classroom, which is why the University makes a strong effort to provide students with opportunities to gain professional experience working in their fields while enrolled at Olivet. This usually comes in the format of our internship and practicum courses, where students are required to engage in the field. Though it is part of their requirements, the students greatly appreciate for the experience they gain.

At OTCS, you will be engaging with top missionaries and scholars, who would work closely as your mentor, advisor, and a friend. Our faculty are constantly seeking ways to extend their hands to help students beyond the basic commitment in the classroom. The commitment that OTCS professors have towards students is a key to the success of our programs.

You will also collaborate with your classmates, who could potentially, and most-likely, become your long-lasting partners in mission. We have a student body with talented people from all around the globe with the same passion for mission, and we know well the relationship and network formed during college life can last forever.

If you are considering to apply at OTCS, we are always available to answer your questions.

Olivet Theological College and Seminary was blessed with its current main Riverside Campus and maintains its original home ground through its San Francisco Branch. Riverside is a large residential campus, which offers the full range of OTCS’ programs and focuses on all core requirements in these degrees as well as an inspiring study atmosphere. Housing options exist on campus and students live and study in a stunning setting of natural beauty. The San Francisco branch on the other hand specializes in practical and ministry courses in its urban setting for advanced students.