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May 21, 2006

Dr. Ray Tallman's final lecture in exhilarating series "Awaken, Awakeners" prompted students to reflect on their identity and futures in the context of the history mission.

Surveying the lifetimes and the traditions of William Carey, D.L. Moody, Hudson Taylor, George Mueller, Donald Gavran and Cameron Townsend, his talk encouraged students to liken themselves to the mission pioneers of a new era - the digital age of networks.

"We've put information, education and mobilization together," said Tallman, referring to Olivet's theory-meets-practice model of education. "This is the work of being prepared for Last Great Awakening - the completion of the Church at the end of the age."

Upon graduation, many Olivet University students will leave prepared to take the spiritual battle to all kinds of mission and ministry fields - especially the ones in cyberspace. Tallman took the position in his lecture that advances in these 'new-media' mission fields are a prelude to a pivotal turning point in the history of the Kingdom of God.

The final question was pitched to the class: "Are you ready for that Last Awakening?"

Though no decision was reached about when it would be, everyone in the class agreed about the answer. "We are now," commented one student, who will graduate with this year.

Class adorned.

The Olivet University campus is filling with students, families, alumni and others in order to participate in a series of celebratory traditions from now until June 10, 2006 marking the end of the academic year.

Olivet University has arranged special opportunities for alumni and visitors this year to meet one another and faculty members from their program, including receptions. Refreshments are served during these receptions, which last approximately one to one and one half hours. (Please check with Olivet College Program directors for specific information.)

Here, several graduates of the Master's of Divinity program of Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS) gathered in at the Student Union building in San Francisco with OTCS Professor Dr. Tom Cowley to reminisce about their graduate studies and discuss future plans. Dozens more alumni are expected to arrive for Olivet's 2006 Commencement ceremony in the upcoming week.