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Reflections of returning students express anticipation, gratitude

January 22, 2007

Comments from Olivet's returning student community express excitement, anticipation, and gratitude to God for the start of the 2007 Spring semester.

In the following article returning students share about their experiences and hopes for the future at Olivet University:
"The time that I have spent at Olivet University has been the most valuable and meaningful time of my life.  I consider it a turning point in my spiritual growth. 

"My experience day by day at Olivet seems to me like a movie I'm acting out in real life. The movie's touching moments were made possible through the spirit of serving and sacrifice exemplied in the people of Olivet University. I am convinced that God considers this time in my life precious, and I thank God that I'm under His grand plan. 

"The grace I received from God here is such strength. And I wish that I can devote myself to doing God's will and His work, so that we can all rejoice together in Kingdom of God at least one day sooner.
"More than anything else, what I realized deeply is that the Word of God is life. It's not a theory or a good idea, but it's life itself. No matter what your talents or how well you speak, if your life isn't centered on the foundational truth in the Word of God there is no strength or lasting satisfaction.

Witnessing how the people of Olivet University do their best to model the life of self-lowering and self-emptying of Jesus Christ who died in place of us is teaching my heart the truth of his life and love. And most of all, I feel honored that this love has brought me here, and allowed me to testify that His work is happening today at our Olivet University.
- OTCS student Ah Young Lee

"This semester in Olivet University was very amazing time for me because I was given an opportunity to participate in building our school. Later I can look back and say that I helped build the library facility! 

"This semester was also very important for my faith. I feel that I grew a lot in the knowledge of the love of God serving others through our Christian Service program.
"My classes in art were stimulating. The professors schedule a series of visits to local museums and churches. These and other activities made me realize how important it is for us to be able to express our devotion through the artistic talents God has gifted to us.
"Finally, my short-term mission experience in Honduras is something I will never forget. It was the most exciting time of my life, when I truly tasted the life of faith in action. And I never felt alone since I remained connected to Olivet strong ministry network the entire time, and help or counseling was never far away."
- OCAD student Iry Cristobal

"Just as Henry Nouwen said, knowing God is the foundation of all study. I had studied at many places before, but studying theology at Olivet University was something like an academic awakening. I am thinking more systematically about missions and ministry. 

"Our professors and students all share the great vision for the Kingdom of God, so each course considers the Bible as top authority. And their is this beautiful harmony between professors and students that I've never seen anywhere else."
- OTCS student Juri Kim

"In my theology courses I can feel the deep passion my professors have for mission. 

"In my missiology course especially I am realizing how ministry work must be placed within a systematic framework of theology and history if we seek to appreciation fully the significance and potential of efforts."
- OTCS student Jong Won Lee

"I took a Creation course at Olivet University, and through studying, I came to appreciate God's creation even more. I noticed how great God's creation is and felt God's love more closely though learning. 

"The University has many classes and life as a student is very busy. Still, I am enjoying this life with many friends of faith because Olivet University is always filled with God's blessings and love. 

"I especially felt the presence of God while studying with students from different backgrounds. Moreover, the University is developing day and day. I am a witness to this.  

"I wish that my talents will develop here so I can be used by God more preciously to comfort and save the souls who are suffering in the world."
- OCAD student Sayaka Tsukizaki

"Before coming to Olivet, I was limited to the situation of my own church. But coming here I could meet people from a variety of backgrounds. Through fellowship we shared our situations with one another. And through that, my vision became broader. 

"At first, the many new faces that greeted me at Olivet felt unfamiliar and awkward to me. As we become one in the knowledge of God's Word and His love, however, I could see that there are no differences that prevent us from uniting together in Christ for his purposes and his kingdom. 
"I'm very proud and happy to be an Olivet University student. Thinking about the bright future of Olivet University, I realize that this position is an honorable one. I hope that more students can come here and learn and experience the abundant and diverse world of the Gospel of Christ. 

"And I am also glad that I can say that I was at Olivet University at a time when it was developing, since the university will develop much more. Even though we are small now and still just beginning, with God's help we will expand greatly in the future. Just thinking about the things that will be happening is thrilling to me. 
- OCIT student Sang Jib Doh