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First Spring OTCS Course Begins

January 26, 2007

OTCS begins its Spring courses with its first lecture given by University President and OTCS professor Dr. David Randolph.  The course on Christian Apologetics will focus on insightful discussion to make the class more productive to go along with the weekly lectures.

OTCS is offering a wide variety of courses for the Spring Semester.  Several highlight courses include:

Evangelism and Discipleship II
OTCS Dean Dr. William Wagner will teach the course which deals with biblical principles and methodologies of effective evangelism.  The course will instruct the student in the principles, methods and content of disciple-making, fostering continuous growth and maturity in Christian communities. The goal of the class is to develop the skills of personal evangelism, and determine strategies for a professional pastoral discipleship ministry.

World Christian Movement
Director of Middle East Missions Dr. Ray Tallman will teach the course which focuses on the expansion of the Christian movement across the world from the time of Christ to the present. 

Systematic Theology II
Professor Dr. Karl Heinz Kuhlman will give lectures on the course which looks into Christology, the person and work of Jesus Christ; pneumatology,the person and work of the Holy Spirit; and angelology, including the nature and ministry of angels, Satan, and demons. This course will also include an introductory examination and critique of the charismatic movement.