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Interview: Dr. Wagner Speaks on Christianity and Islam

January 30, 2007

Dr. William L. Wagner, Dean of Olivet Theological College & Seminary, is also an author of the sensational book, "How Islam Plans to Change the World" (Kregel Publications: 2004). This notable book lays out a well-orchestrated strategic plan of Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world, and looks at how it has targeted Christianity and the West.

Dr. Wagner took some time to answer questions in this interview about Christianity and Islam.

1. Would you briefly introduce the expansion of Islam in the recent decades and how it has progressed to the situation today?
Many say that Islam is the World's fastest growing religion.  This has to do because they have a well planned strategy, increased immigration, high birth rates, and forced conversions because of Jihad.  The Koran states that before the end of the world the whole world will be Muslim.  One organization, The Muslim World League, says that they will accomplish this by the year 2080.  This is their goal and they are working hard to meet their goal.   Islam was on its way to world dominance before it was stopped in the fourteen century.  Beginning in the 1920's they began again to renew their push to take over the world.  They have been laying plans for many years and in only the last ten years are seeing success in their strategic planning.

2. While Islam has expanded, has the Christian church grown a well?
Although many say that Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion this is not completely true.  When compared to Christianity as a whole then Islam is growing faster than Christianity but if you compare Islam to either evangelical or charismatic Christianity both of the Christian groups are growing at a more rapid rate. The problem is that some churches such as the Orthodox and more liberal branches of the faith are actually losing membership.

3. According to Islam, what are the Christians lacking? What advantages does Christianity have?
In a recent article in a London newspaper, after relating that 1600 Britishers had converted, the writer asked why this would happen.  Those who converted said that Islam demanded faith from them while Christianity demanded nothing and was dead.  The problem in the West is that we have allowed our faith to cool. We have lost our first love.  It is necessary for there to be a revival in the churches of the West if we are to stand up against Islam.   The advantage we have is twofold.  One, we are the one true religion and truth can never be completely destroyed.  Second we have the Holy Spirit with us and this power is sufficient to give us the strength that we need to meet the challenges of Islam.

4. How have Christians been responding to the expansion of Islam, especially with regards to strategies of evangelism?
Most Christians are totally ignorant about the growth of Islam and the means they use to try to convert people to their faith.  Particularly in we have been very accepting of others.  Our attitude towards Muslims is let them come and live with us without knowing that their plan is not co-existence but rather to conquer and suppress.  When most in the West are shown the facts they are amazed and then they become concerned.  Many say that most Muslims are peaceful people.  This is true but like in the 1930's most Germans were peaceful but the reigns of leadership were in the hands of radicals bent to conquering the world.  This is the same with Islam today.

5. Would you be able to share with us about some of your personal experiences in connecting with Muslims?
I have worked with Muslims for close to fifty years and have attended many conference where our theme was "Dialogue Between Christianity and Islam".  I have seen that the differences are difficult to overcome.  Islam is not only a religion but a whole way of life that combined economics social actions, politics as well as religion.  They cannot exist in a society as only a religion but they are told by their Koran that they must accept all of Islam which includes all of life.  When I began my close work with Muslims over forth years ago I felt that Islam was a good religion.  Now I feel that it is the Anti-Christ.  This is a harsh statement but I do feel that this will be revealed to the world in the future.

6. Is there any more you would like to say on your book, "How Islam Plans to Change the World"?
My book is not one that speaks out against Muslims as persons but rather tries to explain the strategy that they are now using to take over the world.  Most of my research did not come from western sources but rather from Islamic sources.  I have students who live in the Middle East and they have gone to newspapers, magazines and other sources to find out what the Muslims are saying.  The book states that their strategy has three basic emphasis.  They are 1.) Da'wah, which is the same as Missions, 2.) Jihad, holy war, and 3.) The building of Mosques.  All three of these are well developed.  Missions in Islam have no need for money since they live off the oil money that is given to them by the West.  Their people are dedicate to their vision and because they believe the Koran is God's book they think that they will succeed in taking over the world.  This is why Samuel Huntington claimed that we are now faced with a "Clash of Civilizations".