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"World Christian Movement" inspires students

February 13, 2007

Dr. Ray Tallman, distinguished professor in Olivet Theological College & Seminary began a special intensive course "World Christian Movement" on February 2.  This course is a study on the expansion of the Christian movement across the world from the time of Christ to the present, and the task yet to be accomplished.


"The study of World Christian Movement will provide students with significant understanding of the spiritual ingredients for Great Commission activity. This allows us to 'serve our generation' in a God-honoring way as we identify the biblically based methods and message that bears fruit in its context," Dr. Tallman explained.


He continued, "This course will allow students to learn from the past, choose for the present and anticipate for the future that which will continue to honor God in evangelism and church planting."


The course has attracted a wide range of students from various cultural backgrounds.  The subject of the "World Christian Movement" gives an international appeal that many students can relate to.


"Often times, we are confined in our own church situation," commented Iry Cristobal, a student in the course, "Even in the first lecture, I was able to open my eyes to the more global issues at hand in mission and evangelism."


The primary texts for this class include R. Tucker's "From Jerusalem To Irian Jaya" (Grand Rapids: Zondervan), and R. Winter and S. Howthorne's, "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" (3rd Edition, 2004; Pasadena).