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Mission in Practice

March 05, 2007

Dr. William Wagner, Dean of Olivet Theological College and Seminary, is teaching an advanced course entitled "Evangelism and Discipleship II" for M. Div. students this semester.

"Evangelism and Discipleship II" is a study of the Biblical basis of evangelism and historical survey of evangelism, as well as the principles and methods that build evangelistic churches.

"The objective of this course is to be sure that every graduate of Olivet University has the knowledge and tools to be able to lead a person to faith in Jesus Christ," commented Wagner about the course. This course is designed to help all students in the class to lead spiritual revival."

Wagner will be joined by several outstanding leaders in the field of evangelism in the duration of the course, including internationally-known evangelist Wayne Bristow, who was invited to share his personal and professional experience in ministry with the class.

All students are expected to participate in evangelism in partial fulfillment of course requirements.