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Christian Apologetics: Equipping and Teaching Faith

May 23, 2007

Apologetics is generally considered one of the fundamental cornerstones of a missionary or evangelist.  As a pastor for many years, Dr. David Randolph was well equipped and taught the course "Christian Apologetics" this spring. 

Through the course, students studied what Dr. Randolph refers to as the "Seven giants to our faith" and "Seven resources to our faith".  Students learned how to communicate the Christian faith to those who are opposed or uncommitted.  

"Apologetics is especially important today because of the many challenges to the Christian faith and life. We face these challenges in our personal encounters with other people, with organizations with which we compete, and with social broad social and cultural forces," Dr. Randolph explained.

A key component of this year's course was contextualizing the course to the post-modern society.  San Francisco was cited as a key example of a city with many detractors to the Christian faith.  On the final day of the class, Dr. Randolph took the streets on a special field trip throughout the city and shared his own faith and experience with the students.