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Students commend course World Christian Movement, Professor Tallman

June 05, 2007

Course evaluations are being completed with the close of the semester and illuminating this year’s outstanding courses and their professors. 

According to reviews, World Christian Movement, an undergraduate Olivet Theological College & Seminary course taught by Professor Dr. Joseph Ray Tallman, left students with lasting impressions of the global expansion of Christianity.

 “His warnings about the rapid expansion of Islam were unnerving, but underscored for me the important role of the evangelical Christian community as a bulwark in the face of anti-Christian movements,” one student reflected.

 At the end of each semester, professors and classes are evaluated with course evaluations. According to the Office of Academic Affairs policy on course evaluations, they are meant to provide constructive criticism to help professors improve their courses and teaching.

 The university will continue to reflect on student feedback from World Christian Movement and other courses using survey instruments and informal discussions.