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OTCS holds special lecture series for theology graduate students

June 27, 2007

Following graduation, Olivet Theological College and Seminary (OTCS) held a special lecture session for graduate students on June 18-19.

The two-day event provided students with academic and professional counseling, and included a series of lectures followed by focus group sessions.  Around 20 students attended the session, which was directed by OTCS Professor of Biblical Theology Dr. Tom Cowley.

Three professors presented their lectures to the attendants. Dr. William Wagner, Academic Dean and OTCS Professor of Missions and Evangelism, presented a comparative study on liberal and conservative trends in mission and Christian education, stressing the importance of a firm biblical foundation and mission focus in ministry.

Dr. Ray Tallman, Director of Middle East Missions and OTCS professor of Intercultural Studies lectured about global mission. He challenged attendants to become effective witnesses for Jesus Christ within their specific professional arenas.

Guest lecturer Dr. Rodrick Durst, Director of the Master of Divinity Program at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary gave a talk on ways to discern God's call from leadership formation perspective.

Lauded by attendants as productive and thought-provoking, the session will be evaluated by organizers to provide insights for follow-up events later this year.