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OTCS Previews Fall Semester

August 21, 2007

Here's a look inside of Olivet Theological College and Seminary (OTCS) at some featured courses in this year's fall semester lineup.

Course:   TH610 Art & Theology
Prof:   Dr. David. J. Randolph
Class:   M.Div.
Specs:  Brings visual arts and architecture into dialogue with theology. Exposes students to an interdisciplinary approach to understanding art and architecture as an effective, non-discursive way of doing theology.

Course:   MS600 Homiletics II
Prof:   Dr. William L. Wagner
Class:   M.Div.
Specs:  An advanced study of homiletic methodology  with special emphasis on
expositional preaching and communication skills. Video recordings to allow a closer evaluation of content and style.

Course:  TM440 Mission Methods and Strategies
Prof: Dr. Joseph Ray Tallman
Class:  B. A. 
Specs: A study of historical and contemporary methods and strategies for fulfilling the Great Commission. Considers effective models of mission.

Course:  HS620 A Comparative Study of Luther and Calvin
Prof: Dr. Don Tinder
Class:  M.Div.
Specs: Explores the background of the Reformation in the 16th century and
the life and theological development of Luther and Calvin. Special attention
is given to comparing the structure of their theologies.

Course:  BL510 Greek
Prof:  Dr. Gerhart Venter
Class:  M.Div.
Specs:  Emphasizing basic vocabulary, grammatical rules, syntactical principles, and exegesis.