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OTCS Preparing for Spring 2009 Semester

January 07, 2009

As a new year has begun, Olivet Theological College and Seminary (OTCS) is preparing for the Spring 2009 Semester. The new semester will feature more academic opportunities and a wider range of student support services than ever before.  

One of the featured course for the coming semester will be the on the topic of Christian leadership.  This course will be designed to develop students' attitudes, skills and character traits to become empowered Christian leaders.  The course seeks to build new patterns of thoughts and actions for students, based on biblical and theological teachings.        

Another course that has been a mainstay of the OTCS curriculum for many years is the Evangelism and Discipleship course.  The Evangelism and Discipleship class will deal with Biblical principles and methodologies of effective evangelism, and instructs the student in the principles, methods and content of disciple-making, fostering continuous growth and maturity in Christian communities. The Class also seeks to develop the skills of personal evangelism, and determine strategies for a professional pastoral discipleship ministry.

Each course will be enhanced with multiple opportunities to participate in discussions groups and an online forums.  OTCS will also offer special workshops and other activities throughout the semester to give students practical training in Christian mission.