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Dr. David Gill Lectures on Christian Business Ethics

March 19, 2009

Dr. David W. Gill, an ethics educator, writer and consultant, delivered a special lecture highlighting "Christian Business Ethics" March 10.  The lecture was part of the University's ministry practice course, which is designed to prepare students for professional ministry. 

Dr. Gill’s lecture drew attention to the biblical foundation in business ethics, and emphasized the importance of striving for excellence within that ethic. He also explained the powerful role of proper ethics in the world of business. 

"Some people refuse to attend the Bible study, but they won't refuse your Christian ethics in business." said Dr. Gill.

Many students drew inspiration from his lecture, particularly his remarks about the necessity of exercising spiritual discipline in order to live out the Christian faith each day. 

Dr. David W. Gill currently is Visiting Professor of Business Ethics on the MBA faculty at St. Mary’s College (Moraga CA). He also serves as a business and organizational ethics consultant.  Dr. Gill studied at the University of California Berkeley and San Francisco State University before earning his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California.  In addition to his new book “It’s About Excellence: Building Ethically-Healthy Organizations,” he is author or editor of six books on ethics, religion, and higher education. He has published more than two hundred chapters, articles, and reviews in a variety of books, journals, magazines, and reference works.