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Summer Offers Mission Opportunities

July 23, 2009

Dozens of students from Olivet Theological College & Seminary are using this summer as an opportunity to conduct mission work in different cities across the United States and overseas.

For students like Yukyung Choi, this summer’s short term mission experience is the culmination of lifelong preparation and expectations. Her passion for mission among Spanish speaking people prompted her to begin studying Spanish in high school, and later, to pursue her Master of Divinity degree at Olivet.

Today she is getting experience as a missionary in Spain through an Olivet campus ministry affiliate. Her daily routine includes morning prayers, evangelism, holding bible study and discipleship meetings, and reflecting on her activities through regular journaling.

“I’ve always been interested in Spanish mission, and I am very grateful for this precious opportunity.” said Choi.  “I’m glad I’m able to put what I’ve learned in seminary to use serving in the mission field.”

Other students in short term mission this summer are finding themselves in more unfamiliar territory. When Master of Divinity student Gavin Johnson departed for Atlanta this summer, he didn’t know quite what to expect.

“The atmosphere here is definitely different from San Francisco’s,” he said. 

Nestled in the Bible Belt of America, the city offers a variety of opportunities for missionaries distinct to the region.  According to Johnson, the experience is broadening his perspective of mission. 

“Although I’ve had to adjust strategies to fit this particular mission field, the core purpose of winning people for Jesus Christ always remains the same,” he explained. “I’m hoping this mission experience will have a lasting impact – and not just on me.”

Summer term mission work is a hallmark of OTCS, which offers a curriculum that balances elements of theoretical and practical learning. 

Students participating in short term mission are scheduled to return to campus in mid-August and provide a full report on their mission experience to an audience of faculty and students.