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OTCS Course Highlights for Fall 2009

August 21, 2009

OTCS, Olivet Theological College & Seminary, is looking forward to a strong academic course lineup this Fall that will feature several internationally recognized professors from around the world.

Dr. Gerhard Venter, an adjunct professor visiting from South Africa, will be teaching a new course on Church Administration. The intensive course will outline the theological foundations and principles of church dynamics and cover practical administrative tools for future pastors. The course seeks to sharpen the pastoring skills of Master of Divinity students, many of whom are pursuing future careers as pastors and ministry leaders.

Dr. Don Tinder, an internationally recognized Church history scholar from Belgium, will instruct a course on History of Christianity from the Early and Medieval period. The three-sequence course will examine Christian history from its beginning to the middle ages.

“I am thrilled about the upcoming semester,” said Jonathan Park, OTCS program director. “These courses will diversify our academic offerings and contribute toward our aim in providing students a quality degree program.”

Other course offerings on campus will include Spirit, Church, & Hope (Dr. William Wagner), Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ (Dr. Tom Cowley), Art & Theology (Dr. David Randolph), Biblical Foundation on Intercultural Mission (Dr. Ray Tallman), Homiletics (Dr. William Wagner), and Greek (Dr. Maury Robertson).