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Students Prepare for Mission with Homiletics

September 29, 2009

As home to the University’s Biblical and theological studies programs, Olivet Theological College and Seminary (OTCS) stands out as Olivet’s flagship College. With a strong curriculum in the area of missiology--a branch of practical theology---OTCS features first-rate faculty members who mentor students, and model for them what it means to live out the Biblical calling of missions. Among them is University President and Professor Dr. William Wagner, who is teaching students the art of preaching in the Master of Divinity course MS600 Homiletics this semester.

Homiletics (from Greek word ”homilos” meaning assemble together) is a subject that improves students’ preaching skills in preparation for the public delivery of sermons. Master of Divinity students of OTCS usually come to the program with some experience in preaching, either at the pulpit or leading Bible studies. The class expands upon that experience with studies in the area of historical theology and the general principles of rhetoric to polish students’ spoken delivery of the Gospel message.

The course consists of regular lectures, analysis of notable preachers and their sermons, and opportunities to preach in front of a large audience. An interesting feature of the course is the integration of sermon delivery with the MyOlivet online course management system. The MyOlivet platform allows the students to access their own sermons as well as those of other students, and give and receive feedback in interactive ways. 

Dr. William L. Wagner is an accomplished pastor, missionary, and professor. Dr. Wagner now serves as the president of Olivet University and professor of mission and evangelism at Olivet Theological College and Seminary.