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Seasoned Missionaries Share Their Insights

November 04, 2009

Dr. William Wagner, the President of Olivet University, and Dr. Ray Tallman, the Dean of Olivet Theological College and Seminary (OTCS), met with a gathering of missionaries from around the world to answer mission related questions and to share their insights and experience in cross-cultural mission.

For more than an hour, these seasoned missionaries and professors shared their most memorable moments in the mission field , particularly of people turning to Christ and devoting their lives to God. As the questions continued, Dr. Wagner and Dr. Tallman also spoke about some of the most significant challenges facing missionaries today in some of the most difficult mission fields.

Two professors were well received by the audience.  In particular, attendees were impressed by the insights the professors had for missions in primarily Muslim nations located in the Middle East and North Africa.  One German missionary described the experience as "enriching".

“I was delighted to see seminary professors with such extensive mission experience that can directly relate to what we are doing in the field and understand our lives as missionaries,” he said.

The gathering of missionaries included representatives from church, parachurch, and missionary-sending agencies gathered for a series of conferences, workshops, and lectures.  The professors were invited to speak to the group through their connection as long time faculty of OTCS.