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Summer Fellowship with Dr. Wagner

June 22, 2010

As the Spring Semester has finished, Olivet University students are preparing their summer plans.  To begin the summer break, Dr. William Wagner, president of Olivet University, invited the student body for a time of fellowship at his home in Petaluma, California.

It was an opportunity to have valuable faculty-student fellowship outside of the classroom.   It also allowed a time of informal celebration for a successful completion of an academic year and commencement ceremony. 

Around 40 people have joined for an afternoon of BBQ, sports, games, praising, and a time of devotional. Students and faculty were full of joy, energy, and excitement during the fellowship time.  During the devotional, Dr. Wagner commented on the joy inside of Christian brothers and sisters through such fellowship.

“It was great to have this time of get together with faculties and other students at the end of the year,” reflected one student at the event, “and I’m very grateful to Dr. Wagner who always try to get close to the students.”

The 2009-10 Academic Year produced fruitful outcomes institutionally and academically.  Included in this progress were the numerous events that allowed for better relationships especially between faculties and students.  Through this, the University hopes to fulfill its goal of developing a community-like atmosphere within the institution.