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Summer Ministry Internship Opportunities for OTCS Students

July 27, 2010

This summer, students are being exposed to a variety of opportunities in the field as OTCS students are participating in summer internships at Christian ministries.  The students are able to gain real-life practical experiences that will develop their skills as ministers.

Some have taken on short-term mission opportunities traveling to different cities within the United States or even to international locations.  OTCS Student, Grace Lee, is spending this summer in the Chicago participating in evangelism, Bible studies and discipleships, to help a local church to develop.

“I believe the real-life experience will prepare me better when I officially start ministering,” said Lee. “Jesus didn’t ask us to study only in the classrooms – it is our duty and call to actually reach out to the people.”

The field experience is not limited to missions.  OTCS Student Philip Anderson is serving a church interning in its administration.  According to Anderson, learning effective administrative skills are helping him develop and providing new insight into Christian ministry.

Some OTCS students are participating in summer internships to receive credit in Olivet University’s Ministry Practice program.  Master of Divinity students at OTCS are required to complete four semesters of the programs before graduation; two of which are possible to do during the summer.