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OTCS Dean Guest Speaks at OU Manhattan

February 24, 2011

Dr. Donald Tinder, the Dean of Olivet Theological College & Seminary, visited the OU Manhattan Campus as a guest speaker on Monday, February 21.  The talk was warmly welcomed and appreciated by Olivet students, mission leaders, and alumni.

Taking the verses from Hebrews 13, Dr. Tinder explained what the recorder of Hebrews emphasized regarding unique Christian virtues that are distinguished from Jewish tradition and rituals. According to the scripture, Christians are to follow the love of Christ toward brothers and sisters, honor the holiness of marriage, be free from coveting money, and guard the sound doctrine. He encouraged all attendants to be deeply aware of these virtues and clearly reveal the identity as people of God in this city.

Dr. Tinder is known for his academic works in the field of historical theology, and has taken the position as the Dean of OTCS in 2010 after completing his role as a professor and coordinator of Evangelical Theological’s PhD  Faculty in Belgium. He also previously served as the Academic Dean of Tyndale Theological Seminary and associate editor for Christianity Today magazine.