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Olivet Attends Special Lecture on Christian Leadership

May 05, 2011

Leading management expert, Dr. Ken Blanchard, who spoke on Monday, May 2 in Danville, CA on the subject of Christian Leadership. The invitation to the event was extended by Dr. Joseph Ray Tallman, the vice president and the professor of Christian Leadership class at Olivet University.  Olivet students had a blessed opportunity to hear from a respected leader in the business field.

Dr. Blanchard, was converted to Christianity around the age of 50 after having  published his best-selling book “The One Minute Manger.”  He started to  incorporate the role of Jesus in leadership teaching and has led many to Christ  through this concept. He is one of the co-founders of “Lead Like Jesus,” a  non-profit organization that promote Christian leaders. 

The 90-minute lecture on servant leadership drew references from Jesus in the  scripture and from his own experience. After the lecture, he had a question and  answer session with the audience.  Olivet students from all colleges, expressed  high interest and testified that his lecture was encouraging and inspirational.“It was a great opportunity to hear from him,” said one of the students, “I was  very encouraged to see a person in the business world to spread profound  influence of Jesus.”

Dr. Blanchard occasionally holds special seminars for Christian leaders around  the bay area and beyond.  He currently works as the Chief Spiritual Officer of  The Ken Blanchard Companies, an international management training and  consulting firm.