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OTCS Doctor of Ministry Program Prepares for Publication

January 04, 2012

Olivet Theological College & Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry students and alumni are actively engaged in mission work and preaching the Gospel. These students produce short sermons and devotionals regularly, according to the needs of their ministries, and share them with the OTCS community via email.

"The writing samples and sermons of some of these students were too valuable to let it go unpublished, and could become valuable resources if it had more exposure,” said OTCS Doctor of Ministry Administrator Sarah Lee.

The program plans to prepare its first collection of short sermons and devotionals for publication by summer. All alumni and current Divinity and doctoral students are welcome to participate in the effort. To submit entries for consideration, contact or visit the OTCS student office for more information .

“We decided to do something about it. All the works combined could result in a valuable collection. This effort could jumpstart other similar projects and result in a collectively prolific year for the seminary,” said Lee.