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OTCS to Offer Theological Prolegomena

October 31, 2012

The latest addition to Olivet Theological College & Seminary’s Master of Theology curriculum has the course titled "Theological Prolegomena."

While it might sound a bit fancy for those who hear it for the first time, it simply means the things one should know before looking at the teaching of the Bible as formulated by the Church in systematic theology proper. "Prolegomena" is taken from Greek terms pro (before) and Legomena (to speak, to say).

"As with most topics, it is helpful to know a little of the history of theology before plunging into studying the subject," says OTCS Dean, Dr. Donald Tinder, who will be teaching this course come December.

"Furthermore, prolegomena is also concerned with the methods that are to be used and the sources for theological reflection," added Dr. Tinder.

Theological Prolegomena is a pre-requisite for systematic theology courses in the revamped M.Div. program.