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Commencement Fever

June 05, 2006

Students, alumni and family members and visitors are heading to San Francisco to take part in the University's Commencement celebrations this year.

The Olivet University campus is filling with students, families, alumni and others in order to participate in a series of celebratory traditions from now until June 10, 2006 marking the end of the academic year.

Olivet University has arranged special opportunities for alumni and visitors this year to meet one another and faculty members from their program, including receptions. Refreshments are served during these receptions, which last approximately one to one and one half hours. (Please check with Olivet College Program directors for specific information.)

Here, several graduates of the Master's of Divinity program of Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS) gathered in at the Student Union building in San Francisco with OTCS Professor Dr. Tom Cowley to reminisce about their graduate studies and discuss future plans. Dozens more alumni are expected to arrive for Olivet's 2006 Commencement ceremony in the upcoming week.