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OSEA Students Draw Inspiration from Architectural Landscaping Designs

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A new look has been interpreted for the University’s central campus and it looks greener. OSEA hosted professional designers and students to look at the landscape architecture around Olivet’s future development site. Representatives and participants re-imagined greener turf , surrounding the University’s existing sports field with a variety of trees and plants that would accentuate current and future facility buildings. Various species of street trees, accent palms, foundation shrubs, low shrubs, and groundcovers were presented. Lists of plants included those that have low-water consumption and hardy climate features.

Aside from aesthetics, professionals offered their advice on designing with environmental impact and water conservation in mind. Students were educated on options for water conservation landscaping design by examining topography, geology of soils, monthly rainfall and seasonal climate changes. The architectural landscape design concepts implemented grouping together culturally similar plant species with matching water requirements. Students learned that visual impact was a factor in the design but water-conservation awareness played an important part of the process.

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