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Christmas' Greeting from ZSDS Dean

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Christmas greetings to all the students in ZSDS. In America at this season one can often hear or see quoted the angelic greeting to the shepherds when announcing Jesus' birth: "on earth peace, good will toward men."(Lk. 2:14 KJV).

Two observations: Too often omitted, and practiced, is the first part of that famous greeting: "Glory to God in highest heaven." Second, the oft quoted phrase is better rendered, "peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased" (NLT) Of course we should all express good will toward all others and not just those who are like us or believe like us. But the real promise of this season is that the offer of true peace is for those who please God by believing on and following His Son. As we do that we join with the angels in giving glory to God. May we take whatever opportunity the world's celebration of Christmas gives to encourage joy and good will everywhere while also conveying the importance of glorifying God by truly accepting the real reason for celebrating Jesus' entrance into our world

Dr. Donald Tinder

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