Health and Wellness

Health, and Wellness

As a Christ-centered institution, Olivet is committed to emphasizing a biblically sound, integrated, faith-based education that promotes a zeal for spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development in students.

Olivet is committed to:

Spiritual Wellness

  • Providing experiences of growing in Christ not in a static way, but as a creative and serendipitous adventure.
  • Engaging touchstones of the spiritual formation process, including scriptural study, spiritual friendship and community, active practices for prayer and worship, service, and character and faith development through discipleship.
  • Providing environments of grace to help students find companionship, encouragement, and spiritual guidance.

Intellectual Wellness

  • Challenging the students with a continuous openness to new concepts, ideas, perspectives and cultures.
  • Providing an educational environment that values diverse experiences and challenges and Biblical perspectives on critical issues.
  • Equipping the students with the ability to successfully learn, apply new learning, change, and adapt.

Emotional Wellness

  • Being aware and accepting of one's feelings.
  • Being able to adjust to change and seek positive outcomes.
  • Being joyful and positive.

Physical Wellness

  • Providing a clean and safe environment that will help promote physical wellness and strength for our students.
  • Offering recreational and sporting programs that will promote and develop healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Offering educational programs that will help maintain a balanced natural diet and regular sleeping habits.

Social Wellness

  • Forming and contributing to positive relationships of mutual respect.
  • Comfortably and effectively performing a variety of social and group roles.
  • Seeking and fulfilling Christ-like leadership roles that contributes positively to communities and the larger society.


Riverside Campus

Nestled into the green slopes of San Bernadino National Forest OTCS Riverside Campus combines nature and intensive study for our students.

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San Francisco Campus

Located at San Francisco downtown, OTCS San Francisco campus is surrounded by dynamic neighborhood, which provides students diverse cultural experience

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Ministry Opportunities

An extensive network of ministry internship locations around the world teach cultural learning competency and ministry skills.

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