We believe that lifelong learning takes place in and outside the classroom, which is why the University makes a strong effort to provide students with opportunities to gain professional experience working in their fields while enrolled at OTCS. Although it is not required in the Master of Theology due to the nature of its program, ministry involvement is emphasized heavily in other programs at OTCS. In the Doctor of Ministry level, admitted candidates should already be involved and contributing significantly in Christian ministry; in the bachelor and Master of Divinity level, OTCS provides and requires Ministry Practice programs (denoted “Ministry Internship” in the bachelor level and “Ministry Practicum” in the M.Div. level) to help students to get involved in the field.

Ministry Practice Objectives

  • Contribute to the professional development of the student through collaboration with professionals.
  • Allow students to gain firsthand knowledge and understanding of their field, including the structures and skill-sets which affect them.
  • Benefit ministries by offering unique work/learn opportunities to future professionals.
  • Test the students’ interests and desires for a career in their chosen field.
  • Provide an opportunity for the students to apply classroom concepts in a practical setting through involvement on a variety of designated assignments.
  • Develop professionalism, techniques and skills within their chosen field.



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