Policies and Guidelines

University policies are an important part of the continuous advancement of Olivet University’s educational mission. They help to ensure the compliance with applicable laws, ethical norms, and recognized best practices. Operational efficiency is promoted and opportunities to reach the school’s goals are improved while at the same time the risk involved for the institution is reduced.

In order to give students, faculty, and staff access to always the most recent policies and guidelines this website was created as a centralized repository of existing, new and revised policies. It is therefore a first step towards a standard format, the elimination of redundant policies, and better accessibility. This website does not contain a complete list of all university and college policies. For additional information please refer to the most recent university handbooks. 

Applicability of Policies

University policies can apply to some or all members of the University Community, including:

  • (a) the Board of Trustees;
  • (b) faculty, including visiting faculty;
  • (c) researchers, including persons conducting research at or under the auspices of the University;
  • (d) employees;
  • (e) volunteers;
  • (f) fellows, trainees and post-doctoral appointees;
  • (g) students;
  • (h) others who are performing activities or providing services at or under the auspices of the University, including consultants, vendors, and contractors.

Additionally policies apply regardless of the physical location. The university is aware of the possible conflict that can exist between different state laws inside the United States and in an increasingly international field of work also with other national legislation. The university seeks to comply with all of these different laws.

If you therefore are an employee encountering a situation in which you are not sure how to act according to university policy and simultaneously other laws, contact the office of the vice president of operations for further clarification before proceeding in your work.

Academic Affairs and Faculty

These policies pertain to academic matters and faculty. Many of them can be found in the most recent Faculty Handbook.

Financial Affairs

These policies pertain to accounting, budgeting, purchasing, travel, and other business and finance functions.

Governance & Legal

Policies governing standards of ethical conduct, policies, bylaws and other legal matters.

Human Resources

These policies, procedures and contracts pertain to the work relationship with the university.

Information Technology

These policies cover computer systems, access, data, and related issues.

Operations & Safety

These policies pertain to campus operations, environmental health &safety, and public safety and security.

Ministry Practice

These policies govern the many facets of conducting the ministry practice program with OTCS.

Student Affairs

These policies and procedures govern student life and community standards.

University Guides & Manuals

These handbooks contain the key policies, guidelines and procedures.

Catalogs & Handbooks



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