Student Services

Academic Advisors

Academic advising is coordinated by the Office of Academic Affairs, with support from the Office of Student Affairs. Some of the main functions of the Office of Academic Affairs are to provide guidance in course registration, to serve as a resource in relationship to University policies, procedures, and administrators, and to provide advice and assistance in any academic, vocational, or personal problems that may arise.

Upon admission to Olivet University , each student is assigned two advisors, usually the Program Director from the student’s College (the Academic Advisor) and a faculty member from the student’s College (Faculty Advisor). The role of these advisors is to guide course selection and serve as a resource with regard to the University’s policies and procedures. Olivet University values the spiritual and academic growth that may develop from healthy student-advisor relationships. Thus, students are encouraged to communicate with their advisors throughout their Olivet careers for advice and assistance in any academic issues.

It is the responsibility of the student to see that the proper courses for the intended major are taken in the proper sequence. Special care should be taken if a course is offered in alternate years. The Academic Dean and supporting faculty members/deans can also be consulted for assistance as necessary, but ultimately the student accepts responsibility for registration in the desired and needed courses.


Olivet’s Office of Student Affairs has adopted the following directives to serve as guidelines with regards to meeting the translation needs of the University’s student body:

  • We will provide ‘second mile’ services to provide for the needs of our overwhelmingly international student body by intentionally positioning academic staff and teaching assistants who speak multiple languages as bridges between students and faculty to facilitate high quality education.
  • Though all courses required for students to graduate are offered in English, we will serve our students by trying our best to offer required courses in languages other than English when possible.
  • We will seek to provide library collections in the native languages of our students to support their learning in their own language.


Students who need extra assistance because of academic difficulties may arrange for tutoring through their Academic Advisor. The University believes in giving every student the opportunity for individualized assistance outside of the normal class setting. Tutoring sessions help students clarify points from lectures, labs, discussion sessions, or assigned readings. All tutoring sessions are intended to supplement, not replace, any class attendance or personal study time.

Student Grievance

Students expressing a grievance about the application of University policy, academic or non-academic, should attempt to seek informal resolution of the matter with the faculty or staff member involved, following that with the immediate supervisor of the faculty/staff member if necessary. The student may submit this grievance form.



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OTCS Library provides students, faculty, and staff with the resources, research tools, and study environment necessary for the academic training of men and women for Christian ministry.


Catalogs & Handbooks contain detailed information on academics, curriculum, faculty and courses. They also include descriptions of student life, admissions, calendars, standards and other useful items.