Olivet Theological College & Seminary

Student Life

Spiritual Wellness

OTCS wants to provide an atmosphere of spiritual enrichment through Christian living, allowing students to receive the power of the Holy Spirit

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What To Expect?

What kinds of services are provided by OTCS to enhance your college experience? We provide advising, tutoring, and online resources to name a few.

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Learn Through Serving

Involvement in the Christian Service helps the students to mature in Jesus Christ and equips them as mission and ministry leaders.

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Olivet University's name refers to the Mount of Olives, a historic site in ministry of Jesus named for the olive trees that covered its slopes. The emblems of Olivet – the olive tree and the oil from its fruit – represent the world of peace and eternity proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

The hope for that world is embedded in Olivet Theological College & Seminary. Our purpose is to raise Biblical scholars and leaders through a comprehensive program of academic study and spiritual training in faith and theology. The curricular program also balances theoretical and practical learning to encourage the application of scholarship.

These and other components of the learning experience at OTCS are an intentional effort to educate a generation of Christian leaders prepared to preach the Gospel in today's context of mission, and to advance the world proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

Olivet Theological College & Seminary students become fishers of men when they experience an evangelistic emphasis in class, chapel, and various fellowships. Our students experience these learning opportunities under the direction of faculty members with real experience in preaching and ministering. Through interaction with other students and faculty, amidst the many faith-centered opportunities to serve, we believe the students receive the training coveted by every Christian who has considered working in mission and ministry.

OTCS faculty are passionate for their work. Although all faculty members are highly distinguished in their fields, they are chosen mainly for their personal interest in Christian work, rather than for credentials. Faculty are constantly seeking ways to extend their hands to help students beyond the basic commitment in the classroom. The commitment that OTCS professors have towards students is a key to the success of our programs.

OTCS is a Bible college & seminary. It is committed to a Biblical philosophy of education, and is concerned with the spiritual development of students. It seeks to broaden and deepen the educational foundation of students through a core of general studies. It also focuses on training that leads to church-related vocations. As a Bible college & seminary with faith-inspired scholarship and vision, we prepare students to become ministers and missionaries with an in-depth knowledge of God's written Word and a vision of world evangelism.

"Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he hath done for my soul." (Ps 66:16)