Christian Leadership Class Invites Guest Lecturers on Practical Leadership

The Christian Leadership Development course, newly offered from Spring 2024, aims to provide students with the foundational skills, insights, and biblical principles necessary for effective leadership within the church and diverse ministry organizations.

Students will be empowered to lead with authenticity and effectiveness by exploring their leadership potential, spiritual gifts, values, and leadership style. Additionally, they will cultivate a deeper understanding of the intricate nature of leadership within diverse contexts and cultures.

Taught by Dr. Nate Tran, the course covers essential principles of leadership. This week’s focus was on “A Leader is Courageous” and “A Leader is Discerning,” emphasizing the need for Christian leaders to be meek yet courageous and bold when necessary. These principles also stress the importance of being faithful to and committed to scripture to discern lies and defend the truth.

As part of the course, guest speaker Pastor Jonathan Park was invited to share his experiences where leadership principles may be applied. Pastor Jonathan provided practical examples and engaged with both onsite and online students, who had the opportunity to ask questions. This segment was followed by a group discussion to evaluate which principles best aligned with the guest speaker’s presentation.

The course will continue to cover Christian leadership based on the examples of Jesus and Apostle Paul. Additional speakers are scheduled to share their case studies on leadership, offering students deeper insights into what World Olivet ministers experience in leadership roles.

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