Creative Writing Activities Help MAT Students Connect with the World of Art

MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) students in the “Exploring Art and Movement” course gave presentations on how to teach creative writing with art. Among the presentations included case studies where one student took a couple of artworks and had children look at the artwork, looked for clues and details, and then used them to form a story. Another study demonstrated children writing poetry or letters about artworks through templates. Methods utilized to teach about writing with art involved storyboarding, screenplay, acting out scenes, and tableaux activities to teach writing with art.

One of the simplest ways to use writing with work of art is through narrative and it can be used in various ways.

“After taking the lecture last week, I researched and discovered more resources that inspired me and helped me to form deeper connections to the artworks,” shared an MAT student. “While I was preparing a presentation, I could organize those ideas and gain more confidence in teaching art appreciation class. I think these resources and activities will help students comprehend artworks better.”

“When people appreciate artworks, they tend to skim through and forget them,” commented the course instructor. “However, children will be able to pay attention to little details and develop their observation skills through these activities. They can also develop their language art by using those worksheets.”

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