Inductive Method of Learning Biblical Hebrew

Old Testament assistant professor Dr. Kathy Tran is instructing the course ‘Introduction to Biblical Hebrew’ as an inductive approach to help students interact with and learn Hebrew naturally.

The deductive method of teaching grammar focuses on learning the rules of the language before using it, while the induction approach takes students straight into usage. The explanations become intuitive and formalized as grammar after the student forms a grasp on how the language works.

“It is much more enjoyable to get right into the text and apply it as they continue to ‘discover’ the language,” shares Dr. Kathy Tran.

The ultimate goal of the course is to help students learn to use the Hebrew Bible and related tools in order to better understand the Old Testament. While the goal is not to produce Hebrew scholars or students proficient in the Hebrew Bible, this introductory course will enable students to determine the nature of the Hebrew text underlying a given translation or interpretation with the help of dictionaries and other tools.

(Photo: Wiki Common)

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