Homiletics Class: Preaching By Your Life the Living Word of God

Homiletics, the art of preaching or writing sermons, is not just about the practical skills but an expression of your living faith, according to Dr. Yagobo Kim at Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS).

This quarter, Kim offers the Homiletics course to Master of Divinity students at Olivet University Riverside main campus. The course is an introduction to basic concepts of sermon preparation and presentation, which is crucial for anyone who aspires to be an ordained pastor. Kim guided students to do sermon listening exercises, write notes, draft sermon texts, and eventually practice preaching to the class.

Second-year student Mark He reflected, “Dr. Kim mentioned that we need to figure out what situation the audience is facing and apply the message to their life, but first we need to live according to the word of God so that we can testify powerfully. It is very challenging and it is a new perspective for me.”

Kim has served as a missionary and pioneered many churches in many different countries across the world for over 20 years. He has experience preaching to all kinds of audiences on many different occasions and has become a popular Chapel preacher on campus.